A Dis-Moi youth club is a club that brings together young people between the ages of 15 and 24 through activities, talks, and conferences on human rights but also on the collective responsibilities of young people encountering problems and violations of human rights in the world and in their daily environments. Dis-Moi is committed to developing active, rights-conscious citizens who can help protect and raise awareness of the rights of others around them and the environment in which they live. We want to train young people who want to be the leaders of tomorrow, who can be given a chance to speak out, act and carry the cause of human rights high in the South West Indian Ocean. Dis-moi youth clubs have existed since 2015.

A human rights and citizenship education syllabus has been designed, created and thought for the youth in 2023, where the end product will be to have leaders that can stand up for their rights and understand their responsibilities but more that can stand up for HUMAN RIGHTS and be called per se A Human Right Defender.

Fanirisoa Razanatovo
Youth Coordinator

The Human Rights and Citizenship Education training proposed project has, as its primary objective, to strengthen and empower civic leadership in our democracy to our future generations. We are adamant on the fact that students need to possess adequate tools to be able to lead the civil society in a fair and impartial manner. What is the rule of law? What are the basic values and principles underlying an ‘État de droit’? What is politics and the Constitution? What are the underlying principles of a Republic? How does the parliament function? What are human rights and values? Those are few amongst the salient topics that would be covered during the HRCE training.

The project will undoubtedly empower the participants with adequate knowledge, skills and values that would guide them to become responsible adults and hopefully great Human Rights leaders of tomorrow.