DIS MOI, standing for Droits Humain Océan Indien, (Human Rights Indian Ocean) was founded in 2011 by Lindley Couronne, former director of Amnesty International in Mauritius island, who, along with a group of teachers, lawyers and human rights activists decided to start the first regional Human Rights Organisation in the South West Indian Ocean.

Our organisation which is not constrained by political, religious or commercial objectives was formally registered with Mauritian authorities in 2012 and in 2013 received our first grant from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

Since the opening of our first office in Mauritius, DIS MOI has now hired permanent teams in Rodrigues and Madagascar and transformed the original office into a Regional Secretariat now managing 6 projects, 35 staffs and around 150 volunteers.

Lindley Couronne

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Our goal is to ensure that justice is accessible to every individual regardless of his or her background, colour, ethnicity or religious beliefs.


We strive for a more equal world, where fairness reigns, regardless of where we work and with whom we work.


We advocate for strong minds. We bolster youth’s confidence so they become actors of their own lives. We value our staff and partners to ensure they unveil and fulfil their potential.


We strive for inclusion and involvement of all from the start, ensuring that differences are valued, promoted, included and respected.