Living independently and having choice and control over the decisions we make about how we live our lives is something almost all of us take for granted.

It is important that the million people with disabilities in Mauritius today are able to exercise choice and control over their daily lives as well.

People with disabilities are people with abilities, ambitions and dreams. We create long-lasting change for people with special needs and their communities, improving the lives of the most vulnerable and excluded by providing, comprehensive case management including referrals to a group of partners. psychological support and overall counselling to live independently. Since 2018, 250 individuals with disabilities and their families received specialised case management.

Project Coordinator
Jean François Favory

Independent living and self determination are values that stress dignity, self responsibility, choices and decision making. Independent living is the freedom to direct one’s own life. Each individual has the right to optimise his or her personal ability and fully integrate into the community. What does this mean? You get to be in charge of your own life. You might seek advice, but you make decisions for yourself. You know what is best for you. It does not mean doing everything all by yourself. You might need assistance around your home. You choose who assists you. You explore your potential, talents and abilities. It means having the freedom to fail and learn from your failures as well as experience successes, just as those without disabilities do. The opportunity for independent living and self determination is essential to the wellbeing of people with disabilities and we are proud at DIS MOI to support those to achieve this.