Dis-Moi’s primary tool is advocacy and campaigning. Advocacy campaigns are the driving force of the progress of Dis-Moi. The organization makes it a duty to call attention and take appropriate stands whenever there are issues pertaining to human rights violations. Advocacy is usually done by way of communiques, press articles or even conferences on media and social media platforms. Our objectives are to identify solutions, coordinate efforts of the masses, and work to bring changes that would make our region a better place.

What has been done ?

  • Dis-Moi has already been campaigning to regional citizens to promote the adoption of an international convention on the rights of the elderly.
  • Dis-Moi has made regular interventions on media and social media platforms to militate for the eradication of torture and police brutality in Mauritius.
  • Advocacy campaigns are also done by Dis Moi to sensitize women and children as to their rights and what to do in case of domestic violence.
  • Dis-Moi has in 2023 come up with a project to include Human Rights studies in the Mauritius Education System.
  • Dis-Moi has an ongoing project with the youth society and has presented a Human Rights and Citizenship Education training (HRCE) syllabus to the Ministry of Education for the implementation of Human rights courses in secondary schools.
  • Awareness campaign on independent living for people with disabilities, the mission was to contribute to the independence of people with (physical) disabilities.
  • Environment campaigning in Rodrigues, done through the Indian Ocean Youth Ecological Council for Dis-Moi La Terre project to sensitise the youth on the importance of protecting and advocating for environmental rights.