We make human rights education accessible with a focus on youth.


A region where human rights are respected and by extension of a world where all citizens enjoy fundamental human rights as enshrined in the African Charter and the Universal Declaration of human rights. 


  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Empowerment
  • Inclusivity
" Les institutions comme le bureau du DPP ont souvent affaire avec les violations des droits. Nous connaissons l’importance de la sensibilisation de tout un chacun. Malgré nos efforts dans ce sens ce n’est pas notre mission principale et nous avons aussi des ressources limitées pour ce genre d’exercice. Les organismes tel DIS MOI sont dédiées à cette mission critique et sont des partenaires clé pour nous puisqu’ils nous informent avec leur perspective du terrain. "
The Director of Public Prosecutio​ns
Me Satyajit Boolell
" DIS MOI has proved over and over during the last decade its support to vulnerable groups of citizens and this includes children. DIS MOI has also been instrumental in developing human rights education in the south west Indian Ocean, through human rights education manuals. My office and the regional human rights organisation have collaborated many a time for the welfare of children. "
Ombudsperson for Children
Rita Venkatasamy
" The struggles of innumerable groups to build a world of justice and equity have produced What the UN calls a Rights Based Approach. Rights are not mere norms. They are legally Enforceable. . This is where NGO's like DIS MOI are essential. They support, train and equip Rights Holders to achieve what is best for them and link them with similar groups. They contribute to make the local global and vice versa. "
Catholic Priest
Father Filip Fanchette


We have reached 15,400 individuals across 3 countries in the Indian Ocean. We have contributed to significant changes in human rights and citizenship education by making courses available online. We also spoke out in 5 instances of human rights violations.


who participated in youth clubs and received life skills and online education on human rights and citizenship education


involved in our fortified education program


individuals who received Legal counselling and victim support


persons with disabilities who received case management and independent living counselling


persons who received awareness sessions on human rights


The idea behind this educational book is to develop in children and young people an ecological spirit, a proactive attitude towards today’s environmental challenges and to invite them to get involved.

Drwa de Lom Divan

Alain Auriant